My Journey to Learning to Live a LIFE Of Discipline


You see, for 56 years I’ve had (good intentions) but I have also come up with excuses for so many deep-rooted bad habits in life. I have excused almost always to where I was in this or that situation, to others, bad timing or that someone else had it better, or just got lucky. In reality, while I did (try) to move forward my lack of being DISCIPLINED and getting things done now has to change… because I did procrastinate.

I don’t plan ahead like I should. I wait until the last minute sometimes, and subconsciously I do things that don’t really matter to avoid doing what is most important.

I realized that this was my main problem. I’m constantly avoiding what I really should do in favor of other “busy” work.

For example, it only takes me 15 minutes per day to keep up with the laundry and yet I’m always behind on it. However, I seem to find time for reading or blogging and eating. And if I looked back on each day, I can guarantee you that there was at least one (or five!) pockets of 15-minutes that I frittered away on something that really didn’t matter. So, in reality, it’s not that I don’t have time to do the laundry, it’s that I’m not making it the priority it should be.

Here are three things that I am go to do starting March 2016 seeking to break my habit of procrastination and have better priorities in my day-to-day life:

1. Do It Now

Instead of spending all day feeling discouraged that I’ve not gotten my PDCA done yet. The same goes for so many other things. Rather than thinking: “I should call so-and-so” or “I need to order such-and-such”, just do it then. Most of the time, it only takes a few minutes (or less!) and then the task is no longer nagging you. Best of all, it’s done!

2. Plan, DO, Check, Adjust

I’m a huge list-maker, but I’ve been prioritizing each item on my to-do list in the last week. And then I’ve been doing my best to strictly adhere to it. I’ve noticed that not only am I getting a lot more done, but I’m getting the most important stuff done first. This means, that if I don’t get to everything on my list (and I pretty much never do in any given day!), I’ve at least tackled the most pressing stuff from the get-go.

3. by Visualizing your Dream… you’ll Reap the Rewards!

Instead of waiting until the very last possible minute, I’ve been trying to start getting ready to go at least 1.5 hours to 2 hours in advance. I’ll go ahead and get the necessary items laid out by the door, make sure I have everything I need in my purse, and get myself and the children ready early. I’ve yet to arrive any place more than a minute or two early, but we’ve not been more than a few minutes late to any event in the last week, so we are definitely making some headway! (Hmm, maybe I need to start planning to leave 3 hours in advance?!)

Thanks for taking the time to spend with me, on my journey!

Bill Wardell